I have resumed live lectures, but I am still happy to give talks via Zoom if you prefer.  Please continue to contact me for both live and zoomed talks.  Thank you.

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I would be delighted to speak to your gardening club, horticultural society, WI, Hardy Plant Society, National Trust, or Plant Heritage county group, or village society.  If you would like to hear me speak please contact me on this email address:


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I look forward to hearing from you.

Timothy Walker

Comments following lectures in 2022

I enjoyed the lecture very much – and would like to hear parts again because the information was based on such a broad spectrum of knowledge. He reminded me of an artist who had delivered a painting whereby the canvas was thickly coated with generous information and yet embellished with unexpected fine detail.

As members were leaving the hotel there was nothing but high praise for both the content and the delivery. “The best lecture so far” and “I thought the last lecture was great but they just get better and better” were two of the comments.

Thanks so much for a fascinating lecture this morning. It was such a different, unusual angle and was quite inspirational, I feel I could do a lot more with colour in the garden now.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture on Wednesday and his rather informal approach was refreshing in conveying his wealth of information – which could have so easily been an academic lecture. Outstanding – if only for the impact on the majority of our members. Without exception those members who spoke to me on their way out were absolutely enchanted and inspired with the lecture and his approach.

I thought it was outstanding.  Such a combination of scholarship , art and wit and so informative as well as entertaining.

Everybody I spoke to afterwards was raving about it

I thought it was a fascinating lecture, and I liked his liveliness. Such a depth of knowledge was on display, beautifully illustrated too.

Yet another outstanding lecture and wasn’t Timothy such a lovely, extremely witty, knowledgeable man – despite coming from Barnsley! He was so enthusiastic about his subject, undoubtedly had a wealth of knowledge and experience but his lecture was so accessible to all, irrespective of their interest in or knowledge of gardening, design or plant placement. I too had so many complimentary comments about the lecture, and the usual question ‘when will we have him back again’?

I found your talk the most entertaining, interesting, and informative talk we have heard in a long time. The feedback from members was uniformly positive and I wanted to thank you personally for a really enjoyable afternoon.

Excellent speaker keeps the audience interested. Funny, and topics are great. I would recommend having him as a speaker each year with a different topic. His delivery was very varied, and his sense of humour was wonderful

You can always tell a speaker who is totally in command of the subject matter and familiar with public speaking. Timothy was both of these. A brilliant event. Many thanks.

Brilliant speaker, presented in an engaging, informal, and humorous manner.

Brilliant presenter.  Very engaging.   Keeps interest and a fantastic sense of humour.  Topic was perfect and a great way to present with how it worked for them and how they tackled things rather than all the botanical names

Timothy has a natural style of presentation, peppered with humour and some excellent helpful tips.  It was great to have the opportunity to speak to his wife afterwards too.  All in all a well presented talk the only problem was time … I could have spent hours listening to more ways of achieving good results in the garden!!  Would love to see how his new garden is progressing as this would give a great insight in how to achieve good results in a smaller sized garden, which many of us have.

He is one of the best talkers we have had. So entertaining and knowledgeable. Just wish I had a border a bit wider than 30 cms to fit some of the plants in!

Really interesting and involved the group

Comments from a Zoom audience in 2020 after the talk on the history of gardening (Paradise lost & restored): “Wow! That was amazing! Loved the delivery and enthusiasm.  History, art and gardening combined! Thank you!”  “One of the best ever – loved it!”  “Brilliant. Not only very informative but entertaining too. Just what we needed.” “A really interesting talk.”  “Brilliant”. Fantastic lecture, thank you so much.”

Had to write at once to thank you for such a wonderful summary of the evolution of everything – our brains are still being cudgelled and the accolades are humming along the village grapevine….   How your brain can cope with holding so much information and being able to access it in such an erudite and humorous way is stunning…  Booking secretary of a gardening club in Somerset after ‘What have plants ever done for us’ April 2018

Huge thanks for braving the freezing weather conditions to give us the most wonderful, entertaining and informative talk yesterday evening.  Seventy of our members ventured out to hear you speak, testimony to your reputation as a fantastic speaker.  To turn the stressful task of pruning into such a hilarious undertaking was a great tonic for those of us terrified of ‘doing the wrong thing at the wrong time’!  I for one will be much more relaxed next time I go out into the garden armed with my secateurs.

Booking secretary of Oxfordshire gardening club March 2018 after the talk on Pruning

“Thank you, on behalf of all of us at last night’s meeting for such an interesting, lively and enjoyable evening. You have a knack for managing to hold an audience in the palm of your hand whilst imparting interesting and educational information at the same time.”  Booking Secretary, Worcestershire Group September 2017 after hearing “Two for the price of One”

“Exciting, exemplary, entertaining, energetic, erudite, enlightening, excellent – just a few words to describe the wonderful talk that you gave to the club last night!  It really was first class talk which we all enjoyed so much.  Full of knowledge, humour and fab photos too!  Definitely one of the best talks we’ve had.  I do hope that you will make a return visit in the future”  Booking Secretary, Cambridgeshire  May 2017 after hearing “Bordering on Insanity”

” I just wanted to thank you once again on a lovely talk with such entertaining delivery.  The information, hints, and tips added on the way were not missed.  The feedback from the audience “the best you have every booked in my opinion” said one, ‘what a wonderful talk” with many other complimentary statements.  You have given the forthcoming speakers a very high level to match you.”  Booking secretary Berkshire May 2017 after hearing “On top but never in control”

“If you haven’t heard him, his lectures are the equivalent of sparkling vintage champagne’ Val Bourne (Oxford Times 3 July 2014)

“We the committee have had such wonderful comments made about the talk (Blaze of Glory) you gave us, so much enjoyed for pure entertainment, wonderfully amusing and also for the most informative and enjoyable delivery.  It was such successful evening and we thank you enormously” Secretary of a Gloucestershire Gardening Club after hearing a talk in March 2016

“Thank you so much for giving us such a delightful and interesting talk last night.  I’ve had lots of favourable comments from our members, in fact one said we should have had a coffee break and a second hour” Secretary of an Buckinghamshire Gardening Club after hearing the talk on “Euphorbias” in March 2016

“We always enjoy your talks but thought that this was your best ever!” Secretary of an Oxfordshire Gardening Club after hearing the new talk on “Scent in the Garden” in February 2016

You gave us a truly fantastic evening – it was amazing to see our lot so animated at the end of one of our meetings. It gave the club a real boost – we decided we needed a treat & we got just that on Wednesday. I hope we can have another of your talks in the near future. Secretary of a gardening group in Hertfordshire 2015

“On behalf of the Horticultural Society, I would like to thank you for a really interesting and entertaining talk on Wednesday. You’re an inspiration and no doubt we will see you again in the future.” Secretary of a Hort. Soc. in Oxfordshire 2015

“On behalf of our Group I would like to send our grateful thanks for the splendid lecture you gave us on Saturday – it made for a perfect and memorable celebration of our 25th anniversary and was absolutely ‘spot-on'”  Secretary of a horticultural society in Cumbria 2015

“The members very much enjoyed your talk this afternoon.  Someone remarked to me after wards how lucky your students are, having such an enthusiastic and inspirational teacher, and he hoped they appreciated it. That for me says it all!  You may have gathered that today was the first talk I had arranged, having recently taken over as Speaker Finder and you have set a bench mark that will be difficult to maintain.”  Secretary of a National Trust local association 2014

“We made a great choice in having you as our speaker on Sunday.  Not only were you very efficient in every way, your set-up and slides were excellent as was the content of your talk, plus the fact that I had no complaints about ‘not being able to hear’ from any of our members!  I have had numerous complimentary comments and even a few letters telling me how entertaining and instructive your talk was.  It seemed to hit the right note without being at all ‘preachy’.”  Secretary of County Gardening Group 2015

Thank you so much for such a fantastic talk last night; you really bright the room to life, nobody yawned let alone nodded off!  We are already looking forward to you coming back.  I’d like to tell you that you are at the top of our speaker list and you count as a friend of our society.  Keeping a room full of gardeners enthralled takes some doing and many don’t so it is always a pleasure to hear your words of wisdom delivered with a healthy dose of humour,  Buckinghamshire Gardening Club secretary 2015

“Timothy Walker was brilliant in the plant dissections, taking the time to talk to me and my partner about plant genetics in relation to the plants we were drawing. Timothy was also a fantastic lecturer – so passionate and engaging and I could hear every word.”   Oxford Biology Undergraduate 2014

“I found the trip around the botanic gardens terrific, largely due to Mr Walker’s sheer enthusiasm: I am not really a plant person (though being converted at the moment) and on top of that it was grey, wet, generally miserable and flu was just starting, so to entertain me and further interest me in plants was very impressive.” Oxford Biology Undergraduate 2013